Monday, October 16, 2006

Seven minutes mysore pa..!!

Ingredients Bengal gram flour - 1 cup Powdered sugar - 2 cups Ghee - 1 cup Milk - 2 T.S Method

Mix the flour, sugar with ghee and keep the mixture high in microwave for 5 minutes.Take the mixture out and add milk and keep it again in the oven for 2 more minits in high Now the mysore pa is ready to eat. Note : Dont use the sugar without powdered.It may bacome caramel, if you mix the crystal sugar with the flour


Anonymous said...

the mysore pak was ok .but it came out like the hard type.what must i have done wrong

Anonymous said...

Hi....thank you very much for this recipe. I did it in two the first batch I used shop bought ghee, the mysore pa came out very well but the colour tured light brown. In the second batch I used home made butter.......woww my mysore pa has come out superrrr. thank you very much