Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jelly N Apple Custard...

Wish U a Happy & Prosperous New year Ingredients: Jelly crystals - 200 gms Custard powder - 100 gms Sugar - 300 gm Milk -500ml Apple pieces - 1 cup Method for custard: Take a small cup of milk , mix 3tsp of custard powder with that. Boil remaining milk and add the custard , add sugar and stir continuously ,until the mixture is thickened.Refrigerate. For jelly : Boil 500ml of water. Add the jelly crystals and stir it until it get dislove in it. Set the jelly in the ice cream mould.Setting can be taken place both at room temprature or in the frige Mix jelly and the custard mixture with the apple pieces according to your taste. Serve with a cake.

Cashewnut Burfi..

Ingredients: 2 cups cashewnuts (soaked in water for 2 hours) 1 cup powdered sugar 1/4 cup whole milk 1 tbsp. ghee 1/2 tsp. cardamom powder Method: Drain the cashewnuts and blend them to a fine paste. Use as little milk as possible when blending just enough to be able to grind. In a heavy saucepan add the blended cashewnuts and sugar and cook on slow fire, stirring continuously till a soft lump is formed. Add ghee and cardamom powder and mix well as a soft dough.Take a flat tray, lay the butter paper and grease it, pour the dough ,make a thin (an inch)layer out of it and cut it into diamond shape.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Eggless sponge cake..!

Ingredients: 1/2 tin condensed milk (200gms) 2 3/4 cups maida (280gms) 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda (soda bicarb) 2 tsp icing sugar 1/2 cup butter melted (60gms) 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 100 ml milk 100 ml soda water Method: Sieve flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, all together 2 to 3 times. Keep aside. Pour condensed milk in a bowl. Add the butter, and beat well till smooth. Add the flour spoon by spoon, mixing into the condensed milk mixture. In between, add milk as required if the butter begins to get too stiff. [Stir the mixture in one direction only all the while. This will incorporate more air and make the cake lighter]. Once all the flour is used up, beat the batter as above till light (5-7 minutes). Add the soda and mix gently till smooth. Pour into a greased cake tin. Do not smooth with a spoon etc. If the consistency is right this will not be needed. Pre-heat over to 300o c. Place tin inside. Bake at 200o c for 5-7 minutes and 150o c till done. (35 to 40 minutes). Poke with a skewer and check. Cool a little. Invert on wire rack. Cool completely before doing icing.Mix( butter(2)+Sugar(2)+Chocolate powder(1)) well.Pour this mixture into the icing nozzle and design the cake according to your taste.You can use variety of colours too.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Ingredients : Makes 2 pizzas (Serves 4)Pizza Base 200g strong white flour (plain flour will do, if you don't have bread flour) 100g semolina (strong flour / plain flour will do, if you don't have semolina) 1 heaped teaspoon of salt 300ml warm water7g (1 sachet) dried yeast 1 teaspoon sugarPizza Topping Ingredients : 1 tin tomatoes (or you could use fresh tomato sauce) 1 tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, peeled & crushed handful of fresh basil leaves, torn into shreds2 red onions, peeled, chopped in half & sliced 200g cheese, cut into slices (e.g. mozarella, Cheddar, blue cheese) Method: Pizza Base : Mix the yeast and sugar with some of the water in a cup. Set to one side and leave for 5 minutes until the mixture starts to froth. (This activates the yeast and checks it's still working). Put the flour, semolina and salt into a mixing bowl. Add the frothy yeast mixture and most of the water. Mix until it forms a rough dough, adding a little more water, if needed. Turn out onto a floured surface and knead for 5 minutes, until the dough is smooth. Cover with a damp cloth and leave in a warm place for 1/2 hour. Warm the oven to 230 deg C and put the pizza stone / baking tray in to pre-heat. Topping: Heat the olive oil in a pan. Fry the garlic gently until it starts to brown. Add the tomatoes and cook for about 15 minutes. Add the basil, then liquidise. When you're almost ready to make the pizza, divide the dough into 2.Roll the dough out thinly, to the size of a pizza stone or large baking tray for each pizza. Place the rolled out dough onto the pre-heated pizza stone or baking tray. Divide the tomato sauce between the two pizzas and cover most of the base with the sauce. Sprinkle the onions, cheese, olives and pine nuts over the pizzas. If using, crack the egg over the middle of the pizza. Cook for 8-10 minutes, until the cheese has browned. Note: Insted of cheddar cheese, people who are in diet can use cottage cheese.Vegetables like bell pepper, carrot, beans can be used for toppings. Fry these vegetables in a pan with some little olive oil and add little ajinomoto, so that the vegetables can get cooked within short time. Now,you can add soya sauce(2tsp),vinegar (2tsp) and tomato sauce (3 tsp).You can even use the pizza base which is also available in the shop. Spread the vegetable mixture on the pizza base and put in the pre heated oven (160C) for 5 can also use tava in the cooking range to prepare the pizza.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Omega 3 Podi (Flax Powder)

Benefits of flax seed : 1. lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) levels. 2. flax seed may also help lower blood triglyceride and blood pressure. 3. It may also keep platelets from becoming sticky therefore reducing the risk of a heart attack. 4.lignan(Fiber) in flax seed shows a lot of promise in fighting disease -- including a possible role in cancer prevention especially breast cancer. 5.Flax seed oil seems to be able to heal the inner lining of the inflamed intestines. Ingredients: 1 cup flax seeds (Linseed) 10-12 curry leaves 6-8 dried red chillies 3-4 garlic pods Asafoetida Salt to taste Method : In a toaster oven place the seeds, curry leaves, and red chilies at 250 degrees for 10-12 minutes. You will get the nutty roasted aroma. Cool for 15 minutes and grind the seeds to the consistency of cornmeal in a coffee grinder. Store in airtight container in the refrigerator for one month. Note: You can fry it in the pan, using gas stove.Fry chillies, then fry the flax seeds till they get crackling (similar to til or sesame seeds)then fry asafoetida, curry leaves and garlic.Mix salt , after you grind the powder. Hints: (1)Mix 1 tablespoon flax powder to 2 tablespoons cream cheese to make a delicious and nutritious spread for bagels. (2) Use this flax powder as a side dish , mixed with oil for idli, dosai like idli podi. (3)Can be mix with rice and gee. Taste like paruppu podi. (4)Can be used for Pizza topping too.Sprinkle this powder while serve. There are a few things one needs to bear in mind while using flax seeds . (Flax oil, as such, is not easily available in India). (1)Avoid eating flax seeds whole. They have the nasty habit of leaving your body in the same condition they came in. (2)Flax seeds, contain a substance called cyanate, which can be harmful to the body in larger quantities. (3)Ideally , one should grind the roasted flax seeds, This is easily done in a grinder. The recommended amount per day, is about 1-2 tablespoons. (4)People who suffer from constipation, may find these a useful change. Conversely, those whose intestines go into peristalsis at the slightest excitement, may find that they need to take a lesser daily quantity. (In case you are wonderingwhat I am saying, it means that overindulgence in these may cause increased trips to the toilet).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Papaya Ice cream

Ingredients: 1 ripe papaya, peeled, seeded, and sliced 1 tbsp lemon juice 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup milk 1 cup half whipping cream Method: Puree papaya and lemon juice. In a saucepan, combine sugar, beaten eggs and milk. Cook and stir over low heat until mixture thickens.Add pureed papaya and half and half. Pour into ice cream canister. Freeze it for an hour.

Carrot salad (5 minutes)

Ingredients: 2 cups carrot grated 1 cup sprouted moong dal 2 green chillies slit 1 tsp. coriander leaves finely chopped 1/2 lemon juice extracted 1/2 tsp sugar powdered Salt to taste 1 tsp. oil Method: Heat oil in a pan.Add chillies, grated carrots, sprouted moong dal and stir.Take off fire. Add all other ingredients, except coriander.Mix well. Chill before serving. Shelflife: 2-3 hours

Friday, December 01, 2006

RAJMA (10 minutes)


2 cups Rajma ( Red kidney beans)
1 Pinch Turmeric powder
1 Onion chopped
5 Garlic cloves, chopped
1 inch Ginger, chopped
3 Green chillies, chopped
3 Tomatoes, chopped
1/2 tsp Corainder powder
1 tsp Red chilli powder
1/2 tsp Garam masala
2 tbsp Oil
Corainder leaves
Soak rajma overnight. Wash and pressure cook the rajma.
Keep aside. Heat oil in a pan, add ginger, garlic and chillies.
Fry until they turn brown. Add onions and tomatoes. Cook
until masala separates from oil. Add salt, turmeric powder
and mix well. Add the boiled rajma, red chilli powder,
corainder powder, garam masala and stir. Simmer the flame
and cook until a thick gravy is formed. Remove from fire.
Garnish rajma with corainder leaves and serve hot with chapatis
or rice.