Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jelly N Apple Custard...

Wish U a Happy & Prosperous New year Ingredients: Jelly crystals - 200 gms Custard powder - 100 gms Sugar - 300 gm Milk -500ml Apple pieces - 1 cup Method for custard: Take a small cup of milk , mix 3tsp of custard powder with that. Boil remaining milk and add the custard , add sugar and stir continuously ,until the mixture is thickened.Refrigerate. For jelly : Boil 500ml of water. Add the jelly crystals and stir it until it get dislove in it. Set the jelly in the ice cream mould.Setting can be taken place both at room temprature or in the frige Mix jelly and the custard mixture with the apple pieces according to your taste. Serve with a cake.

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