Friday, November 10, 2006

Masala mix..! ( 5 minutes)

Ingredients : Onion - 4 Tomato - 4 Ginger paste - 1 ts Garlic paste - 1 ts Bengal fried gram - 3 ts Green chillies or red chilles - 6 Coriander leaves Curry leves ( optional) Turmeric powder - 1 ts cinamom - 1 cloves - 1 Salt Oil Method: Graind all the ingredients and fry them in the oil, until the oil comes in the surface level. Masala mix is ready to taste with idli, dosa and with chappathi too. Note: you can keep it in the refridgerator, and reheat it whenever it is needed.


once you dig in said...

This sounds good, but what exactly is it? What do you serve with it?

sowmya said...

hi..its a side dish.and it can have with the indian dishes like idli, dosa and chappathi.Hope you understood now.Thanks